Saturday, 26 October 2013

Follow Other Online Successes

It's amazing what you can learn and teach yourself online. Of course you are not always teaching
yourself you are just doing some online long- distance learning from people all over the internet who are successful at what you want to be doing yourself.

There are loads of people out there on the internet making a successful passive income for themselves and an awful lot of them are willing to share their success stories and their tips on how they became successful.

If you come across such people it makes sense to follow them- follow their blogs, websites, accounts on Twitter, Google +, HubPages and any groups they are in or run on Facebook. You can learn an awful lot from these people and it's all for free.

The internet is a massive place and there will be many such people who I have never come across but here are some people and resources that I have come across and used on my some journey into online writing. These are all real, everyday people using the internet to make money- they are not multi-millionaires who have got lucky but the fact that they are normal people, not computer whizz kids is more inspiring to me. I hope they can inspire and help you.

  • Michelle Cesare - Michelle has gradually built up an online presence over the years and is now in a position where she makes a good passive income online.                                                               Her website is jam packed with useful advice, tutorials and resources. She also has some great tutorial videos on YouTube for any visual learners out there.

  • William Holland- William is great for general writing advice and also advice on making money through writing. He won All-Round Best Hubber this year (2013) and if you are on HubPages you should definitely follow him and learn from him. On HubPages he goes by the name of BillyBuc

  • Danielle McGaw- Danielle is a blogger and freelance writer. She has been working online for over 15 years and knows her stuff. Her website has lots of useful information you can learn from. She has also published several e-books on writing online.

I will keep this page updated if I come across any other online success stories to help and inspire!


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