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What is Hubpages?

Hubpages is a revenue sharing website that is totally free to join. What this means is you sign up, create a profile for yourself and start writing articles. You will need  Google Adsense account, a paypal account and your tax information and that is it.

You don't need to worry about anything technical- Hubpages takes care of all that for you. They have layouts and advertising all built in. All you do is click on options like- add a text 'capsule' or an image 'capsule' and so on. It is really simple, easy to navigate and looks really professional. It's a great site with a great community and you will receive 60% of all the money generated through adverts on your articles or hubs as they are known.

How Can I Be Successful on Hubpages?

There is loads of advice about this out there already. Hubpages itself offers a lot of advice in this area so I'll keep it brief:

  1. Write high quality content
  2. To do number 1 it is probably best you write about something you know about and are passionate about
  3. Publish new hubs on a regular basis
  4. Participate in the Hubpages community- follow people, send fanmail and keep up with their latests hubs and leave a comment. You can also take part in the forums and Q&As
  5. Consider creating a niche- you don't have to- you can write about anything but it might help you look more authoritative and professional
  6. Use Search engine friendly titles and keywords but don't over do it and certainly not at the expense of your writing quality
  7. Share and promote your work

How Much Can I Earn on Hubpages?

I can't answer that question because it depends on what you write, how good you are, how hard  working you are, how social you are,how lucky you are and so on.

However I will share with you an inisght into my Hubpages earnings to give you an idea of what you could earn. I am not a Hubpages Poweruser by any means and there are many people earning a great deal more than me so I guess the point is- if this is what I am earning with my humble efforts you could too- and more!

To get a payout on Hubpages you have to reach $50. When you do Hubpages will automatically pay out- via a check or paypal. They pay around the 28th of each month. Your pay is worked out on a monthly  basis and all money keeps rolling over until you reach your $50 payout.

When you first join earnings will be slow until you can gather followers and get the content up. 
I earnt the following in my first few months:

  • Month 1- $0.17
  • Month 2- $0.94
  • Month 3- $1.12
I now earn anything from $10 to $20 a month- it's not crazy money but it is largely passive as I don't add new hubs very often at the moment. I am going to try add more though. So what have I got on Hubpages to be earning that every month?

  • I have 59 Published Hubs
  • I have 113 followers- not many some people have thousands
  • I have a hub score consistently in the 90s
  • I have one Editor's Choice Article
  • All but 6 of my Hubs are featured - good quality hubs will be featured- that means they will be shown in other areas of Hubpages, like when people look up a topic and so on. The 6 that aren't featured are on grounds of engagement rather than quality- that means people aren't that interested in them but they are still good
  • I have approximately 6000 page views a month
What all this basically means is I have got the good, quality content nailed but could perhaps add more writing, more regularly and do more on the social side. If you could do all that and publish work on a regular basis you could easily eclipse my earnings.

If you want to check out my writing on Hubpages you can click on my banner on the right hand side.

I highly recommend joining Hubpages- you have nothings to lose and lots to gain:


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