Friday, 25 October 2013

Using Facebook to Increase Your Traffic

Facebook is a great tool to use to get people reading and sharing your content.                                            

Many people nowadays are on Facebook and it is a way to connect with people all over the world.
There are a few things you can do with Facebook.

Joining Facebook Groups

There are many groups you can join on Facebook that will give you an opportunity to share your work.

Join Writers Groups- these are groups of like-minded people who are trying to make a living through writing. There are quite a few of these groups on Facebook and they offer a community in which you can share your work, meet contacts, get great advice and do some mutual sharing. I am a member of a few of these groups but here are three I really like
  • Online Article Writers- You can post links to any of your online writing here except from Bubblews stuff as the owner of the group has had problems with them. It is a great group of writers and good for getting tips and advice
  • Post & Share on Pinterest, Twitter or G+- This is a good group for sharing and promoting your work- every time you post your own work you have to share at least one other person's.
  • Bubblews This is a place for specifically Bubblews posts. Anyone who links to their work is encouraged to like and share another's.

Join Groups related to your content. If you write Gluten Free Recipes join Gluten free recipe sharing groups etc. You then have the perfect audience for your work. Become an active member of the group and don't just spam it with links to your work all the time- answer questions, give advice and get involved as well.

Make a Facebook Page

If you think you write about something interesting enough to have followers you can make your own page on Facebook for people to follow you. Here you can post all your links to work your and presumably your followers have chosen to follow you so they will be interested. Don't just post links- ask questions, share interesting, related news articles and interact with your followers. You can also advertise your page through Facebook- it will cost you but it is away to gain a larger following. I have never tried paying for advertising on my Facebook page but one day I might consider it. Creating a Facebook page will work well if you write about a certain niche that people will be interested in enough to follow a page on it.

Ensure Your Work Has Facebook Like Buttons

As well as sharing your work yourself on Facebook you want your readers to have the option to share your work if they have enjoyed reading it or found it useful. With the revenue sharing websites this is all taken care of for you. With a Weebly website you can copy HTML codes and embed them into your pages and posts using the "embed code" capsule. In blogger the Facebook like button appears automatically at the bottom of each post, along with other buttons.

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