Monday, 21 October 2013

Using to Edit and Create Quality Images for Your Online Writing

Most written content on the internet requires some images to make it look good, capture audiences and hold
people's attentions. Writing without any images can look boring and daunting. Of course it depends what you are writing about- some subjects will fare better than others without writing. For instance high academic stuff can probably get away without pretty images but a recipe is really gonna need some.

If you rely on image-based websites and apps to share and promote your work- think Intsagram and Pinterest- then you will need a relevant image to be able to share it at all. Even Google + and Facebook links look more appealing with an image instead of just a title.

I use a free website called to edit most of the images I use online. It is a really great resource and so easy to use. I use it for several things. If you want to use it I recommend working in Pixlr express mode as this is really straight forward but with enough editing tools for most people's needs.

    What Can I Use For?

  • Creating more professional looking images

You can use all the editing tools to crop, autocorrect and sharpen images. You can then add filters, overlays and borders to create an image that looks a bit more polished than the one you originally took.

  • Adding Text to Images
You can add text to your images - in a variety of different fonts, colours and sizes. This can be useful if you want to create a pinable image with a brief desrciption for Pinterest.
  • Creating Image Collages
There are loads of different collage layouts to choose from- simply upload the pictures and then you can edit each one individually and then edit the collage as a whole too.
  • Creating Banner style Images
Using the collage style layouts you can create banner images for your website or Facebook and Google + page headers. To create a banner image select the collage layout with three or four images in a horizontal row.
  • Creating Quote Images 
If you upload a plain background .jpg image you can then add fun overlays and text to create a quote image
  • Resizing Images for Instagram and Bubblews
If you want to upload images to Instagram direct from your computer (see how here) then you have to have square images sized 650px by 650 px. I use to re-size my images. All I do is create and edit my image, save it then I resize it and save it again with*inst added onto the end of the file name.

You will also find Bubblews will only accept images of a maximum size of 600 px. Again you can use the re-size tool on Pixlr to create Bubblews ready images. 

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