Monday, 21 October 2013

How to Upload Photographs to Instagram Straight from Your Computer

Why Would I Want to Upload Photos from my Computer?

If you use Instagram to share and promote your online writing you need to be using good quality, attractive photographs to catch people's eye. The basic idea of Instagram is that it is a phone app. So you take a picture with your phone and then upload it straight to Instagram from your phone. This is great if you have a good camera on your phone but not great if your phone camera is pants and takes awful photos.
Another problem this creates is what if you want to upload images with text or quotes- they seem to be quite popular on the Fitspo accounts for instance.

Take myself for instance. I have an instagram account to help promote by Baby-Led Weaning Site - that I run for free via Weebly. So I am uploading mainly recipe pictures to Instagram- they have to look good or who would want to see the recipe? My food photography is gradually getting better and I use a DSLR camera to take all my shots, if I used my phone camera they would look shocking. I had to find a way to upload my nice DSLR photos on to my Instagram account and you'll be pleased to know I did.

Uploading Photographs to Instagram From Your Computer Using Gramblr

In order to upload your photographs to Instagram from your computer you need to download the free uploader software called Gramblr. It is really easy to do- just click here . They have a version for PCs and Macs too.
Once you have downloaded Gramblr an icon like the Instagram icon will appear on your desktop. When you need to upload a photograph to Instagram just click on the Gramblr Desktop Icon and follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in on the Gramblr pop up using your Instagram username and password
  2. Choose a file from your computer- a picture file obviously
  3. Upload the file by clicking on the upload button
  4. Write a caption when directed to- this will appear on Instagram alongside your photograph so don't forget to include any relevant hashtags. The actual display is small so you cannot easily see what you have typed. If you are likely to make typos it might be an idea to have already written your caption in Word and then cut and paste it into the Gramblr caption box.
  5. That is it- your image and caption will be uploaded to Instagram straight from your computer
There is only one thing you will need to fiddle around with and that is the size and dimensions of your photograph to upload. Instagram only takes square images of 650px by 650px. I use to resize my images. Again Pixlr is another great free resource and I have written about it, and how to use it for Instagram here.

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  1. Hello Meg,

    I use Pinterest as a form of Internet Marketing and I do use Instagram too but only when I take a picture using the App on my iPod. I never considered taking picture on my desktop to upload them to Instagram. Thanks.